Glutenfree recipes


Honestly, look at one of my videos, it remains the best way to know me and to see if you are interesting in following this blog. I'm a very simple french mummy. I'm an ordinary housewife and actually there is not many many things to tell about me.




I have decided to make a bilingual website and videos as much as possible according to my limited knowledge in english ! Yes, my accent is wow ! Yes, I make some mistakes ! But I have decided to share my recipes with everybody who have coeliaque condition and the english language is an international communication tool.

I take a huge pleasure to cook for you, to make the most pedagogic videos and to share my recipes in two languages.

There are no secrets at all in my kitchen ! I offer all I know about cooking without gluten.

I do not have girls to transmit my cooking’s secrets and the guys who encircle me are much more disposed to eat than to learn to cook.

In one sentence, I can tell that my cooking is simple, familial, seasonal, traditional, glutenfree and lactosefree.

Everything is said !

Therefore …         Welcome in my kitchen !

Glutenfree french pastries

OK you have a good idea now about what I want to do with this brand new blog. I hope that you will enjoy to cook sometimes with me. View therefore my first videos, see if you are interested in and if you are, perhaps you would like to follow me.