Gluten free diet

 Simple familial french recipes : no gluten-no milk

On my blog, you will discover french familial recipes of pastries without gluten nor milk. As I am intolerant with gluten and with lactose, there is neither flour of wheat, nor milk in my kitchen. 

On my YouTube channel : COOK WITH ME,  you will find all my videos. Writing an entire blog in english is really difficult for me. So I've decided for those who don't speak french to design a very visual and user-friendly blog focused on videos.


What's up ? The glutenfree and milkfree lemon tart topped with an italian meringue

We cook a lemon tart. Do you like lemons ? If yes, try it. You won't be disappointed.


Gluten free sweets for kids

And also, let's cook for our children and treat them with yummy sweets without allergens. Click on the picture just here and take a look. You will also find on my youtube channel a playlist called "special kids". I try to add regularly new recipes.


More pastries without gluten nor milk

And also, you can cook with me a cake with potimarron, a birthday cake with chocolate and peanuts, some madeleines, some financiers, a cake with chards or a delicious Tatin tart with quinces.


Perhaps useful before beginning ?

We don't have all the same ways to measure weights and also temperatures. That is why, you will find here some recalls :

In France, we use grammes and degrees Celsius. If it is not the case for you, grab your calculators!

1 pound (Ib) = 454 g

1 ounce (oz) = 28 g

1 pound = 16 ounces

1°C = (1°F-32) / 1,8

1°F = 1°C X 1,8 + 32