Tatin tart with quinces

The season of quinces do not last a long time. We have to take advantage of it.


Personally, I love the smell and the taste of these fruits which really sign the autumnal season. The Tatin tart with quinces is one of our favorite desserts. In general, it lasts no leftovers, even not a crumb.

Originaly, the Tatin tart is cooked with apples. This reversed tart with caramelized apples was created during the 19th century by the sisters Tatin, Stéphanie and Caroline. It was by random that this delicious dessert was made up when one of the sister forgot her apples tart in the oven and had the idea to reverse it. It was a lucky yummy mistake !
— Story of the Tatin tart


Of course, my recipe is 100 % glutenfree , 100 % milkfree but 99, xx % lactosefree.

I explain : this recipe contains Ghee. If you can eat butter which contains only 0,06 % of lactose according to my knowledge, use it instead of Ghee. Number of intolerant with lactose can bear butter very well. For my part, I prefer making my ghee because I bear it really much better than butter. What is Ghee ? Ghee is butter clarified and carefully filtered to eliminate the maximum of casein and of lactose. Purpose is to keep only the fatty substance, the lipid of butter. So when you transform butter in Ghee, at the end, there is almost no more lactose.

In case of allergy really important absolutely not allowing you to use butter or Ghee, make the caramel with a little bit of peanut oil. 

If this recipe attracts you, if you want to fill your kitchen with perfumes of cooked quinces and caramel, Come one Baby. Let' s go!