Sweets for holydays

Chrismas cookies and cakes

Find here five pastries I like to cook during holydays :

Instead of decorating this passion fruit cake with butterflies, I think it'll be perfect with white snowflakes !


We are used to eat for the saint-Nicolas feast this Gingerbread cake with a hot spicy red wine. So, find just below  the recipe without allergens (no gluten, no milk and no eggs).

The Ambassador is dressed for Chrismas : You'll find here the recipe of a traditional french cake called the Ambassador, with candied fruits and kirsch. In my opinion, it's the perfect cake for Chrismas. Cook it 24 hours before eating it because all the flavors need to spread out in the cake.

If you have cooked the Ambassador, you have in your refrigerator five whites of eggs and I propose you to use them to make some stars with cinnamon. They are perfect for holidays and Chrismas.

The Kugelhopf is perfect for the breakfast of the 25th of december. It's really delicious with a Chrismas jam. Try it.