The Saint Honoré


Jewel of the smart Parisian cakes, I propose you a gluten-free and milkfree version of the traditional Saint Honoré !

A marvel ... without false modesty. Make the effort to prepare it, wait until it is perfectly cold before enjoying it and you will fall in love with this cake for sure.

I won’t make any more comments. Reach the shopping list and the video of the recipe just below. 

The Saint Honoré was created in 1848 by the famous baker named Chiboust whom bakery was on a street called the Saint Honoré street. Also, Saint Honoré is in the catholic calendar the holy guardian of bakers so Chiboust decided to call his cake with the name of his own holy guardian.
— A little bit of history

WARNING, if you're a beginner, watch first the video about tips to success your choux pastry and cook first something easiest like eclairs or nuns.