Strawberries' birthday cake

For fruitslovers, I propose this gluten-free cake, without milk, nor eggs. It is fresh and light perfect for hot seasons.

If you want you can use the base of this cake, the Bavarian cream with strawberry, in different kind of molds to give the shape you wish as on the photo below. I used the same recipe but the cake below seems to be really different even if it's exactly the same.


On this photo, the cakes of bottom and the top are the same. You can mold this Bavarian according to your creativity and according to the tools you have in your kitchen. You can serve it with or without fresh fruits, it's up to you.

Small complementary precisions :

1. If you are vegan, use agar-agar instead of  gelatin. The dosage and the process differ. It will be necessary to you to bring to boil the agar-agar in the syrup of sugar 2 minutes.  Normally 1 g of agar-agar equals to 8 g of gelatin.
2. Know that you can use real juice of pink grapefruit. In this case, press at least 120 ml of juice.
3. You can use some syrup of passion fruits instead of the syrup of pink grapefruit.
4. You can use some vegetal cream to whip like Whiptop from TNUVA (not organic) or SCHLAGFIX (organic) as a replacement to the coconut cream