Madeleines with vanilla



The madeleine is very famous in France. Everybody know it. It's a part of our culinary heritage. It's also a part of our history.

Madeleine was the firstname of a young maidservant who created this small cake for the duke Stanislas Leszczynski at the end of the 18th century (around 1755). The duke Stanislas Leszczynski was Poland’s king, duke of Lorraine (France area) and father of Marie Leszczynska, queen of France and french king’s (Louis XV) wife.
— Madeleine's legend

Actually, This story beside is perhaps a legend, perhaps true, it is really difficult to know the madeleine's real origine. Nevertheless, this story is transmitted in every family and I have always heard about it.

The madeleine, it is sure, is at least the queen of snacks and breakfasts. Needless to say that my recipe is glutenfree and milkfree.

If you're interested in cooking this very old and famous little cake, let's move on together with this recipe on COOK WITH ME, just below.