Cake with chards (the green part)

Today, I offer you the recipe of a cake cooked with the green part of chards.

This recipe is without gluten nor milk and allow you to use all parts of your chards. It’s really a delicious manner to eat these leaves.

The success of this cake comes mostly from the taste of apples. So it’s really important to choose an apple variety which keeps well its taste after being cooked
— The key of success

In spite of the fact that we are at the end of September, there are still chards in the garden. That is why I go ahead to classify this dessert in Sweet fall. But most of the time, I make this cake in spring during the full season of chards. Remember it, it’s also a good cake for spring when the harvest of chards is really more huge. 

This cake is really something to discover.  I think, it is delightful. It’s better to eat it warm and the day you cook it.

If you are interesting in cooking this cake watch the video just below.