The financiers

The financiers translate litteraly means the businessmen.

First, the financiers are just delightful. They are irresistible and their small taste of butter is overpowering.

Second, the financier's pastry is a basic preparation you have to know absolutely because we will use it to make more complex cakes and also to make tarts ! Therefore if you want to follow me, you should learn to make this pastry.

Also, this recipe is ideal to use whites of eggs.

The financiers were created by the confectioner Lasne in 1890. He had his shop in front of the stock exchange. He created these cakes with the shape of golden ingots for his customers, the businessmen. In fact, he only changed the shape of this small cake which was already known since the 17th century (and called visitandines) and which had been invented by the sisters of the convent of Visitandines.
— A little bit of history

If you prefer a shortest video, I provide one HERE because I want you to have the choice. But, I recomend you if you are a novice in cooking pastries to begin always with the longuest version (less than 15 minutes !). So, you can listen to my tips if you cook the recipe for the first time. For the next times, when you’ll already know the recipe, the long version will certainly become less useful.