The Saint Honoré


Jewel of the smart Parisian cakes, I propose you a gluten-free and milkfree version of the traditional Saint Honoré !

A marvel ... without false modesty. Make the effort to prepare it, wait until it is perfectly cold before enjoying it and you will fall in love with this cake for sure.

I won’t make any more comments. Reach the shopping list and the video of the recipe just below. 

The Saint Honoré was created in 1848 by the famous baker named Chiboust whom bakery was on a street called the Saint Honoré street. Also, Saint Honoré is in the catholic calendar the holy guardian of bakers so Chiboust decided to call his cake with the name of his own holy guardian.
— A little bit of history

WARNING, if you're a beginner, watch first the video about tips to success your choux pastry and cook first something easiest like eclairs or nuns.

About Puff pastry

You will find here a collection of all typical french pastries made with puff pastry or choux (french word) pastry. I will update this article regularly so think to take a peek here by time to time. 

I gather all my recipes on this theme here and in a progressive way, from the simplest to the most complex. By clicking on the images you are directly redirected on the youtube video.

  1. Tips about choux pastry
  2. Chocolate éclairs
  3. Coffee cream puff
  4. Saint Honoré


The recipes

Strawberries' birthday cake

For fruitslovers, I propose this gluten-free cake, without milk, nor eggs. It is fresh and light perfect for hot seasons.

If you want you can use the base of this cake, the Bavarian cream with strawberry, in different kind of molds to give the shape you wish as on the photo below. I used the same recipe but the cake below seems to be really different even if it's exactly the same.


On this photo, the cakes of bottom and the top are the same. You can mold this Bavarian according to your creativity and according to the tools you have in your kitchen. You can serve it with or without fresh fruits, it's up to you.

Small complementary precisions :

1. If you are vegan, use agar-agar instead of  gelatin. The dosage and the process differ. It will be necessary to you to bring to boil the agar-agar in the syrup of sugar 2 minutes.  Normally 1 g of agar-agar equals to 8 g of gelatin.
2. Know that you can use real juice of pink grapefruit. In this case, press at least 120 ml of juice.
3. You can use some syrup of passion fruits instead of the syrup of pink grapefruit.
4. You can use some vegetal cream to whip like Whiptop from TNUVA (not organic) or SCHLAGFIX (organic) as a replacement to the coconut cream

Coffee cream puff

Today, I propose you to cook  a really typical french dessert the coffee cream puff. We call it in french Religieuses which means litteraly nuns or sisters. 

Before beginning, specially if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you to watch first the video about tips you have to know to success. It's really important to listen to my advices to avoid to fail. And also it's better to begin by the recipe of the chocolate eclairs.

Because of their feminin curves and their white colarettes, these cakes look like sisters in a covent. It's why they are called nuns ! Cook them and you will impressed your friends. They are very very good, specially for the coffee break at the end of the lunch.

Chocolate eclairs

The first recipe of the year is a great classic in france. We are used to eat it at the end of the sunday familial lunch or for the tea time. Everybody appreciate it !

Chocolate eclairs glutenfree and milkfree recipes

Before beginning, specially if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you to watch first the video below about tips you have to know to success. It's really important to listen to my advices to avoid to fail.

Even without wheat flour and without milk we can cook delicious pastries. You doubt it ? Cook this recipe and enjoy it. And I bet you will change the way you see your glutenfree diet. No more sadness here ! You will discover that the greed is also glutenfree ! Let's build up a new adjective. These eclairs worth it. Let's talk about "glutenfreed" chocolate eclairs !

Chrismas cookies and cakes

Find here five pastries I like to cook during holydays :

Instead of decorating this passion fruit cake with butterflies, I think it'll be perfect with white snowflakes !


We are used to eat for the saint-Nicolas feast this Gingerbread cake with a hot spicy red wine. So, find just below  the recipe without allergens (no gluten, no milk and no eggs).

The Ambassador is dressed for Chrismas : You'll find here the recipe of a traditional french cake called the Ambassador, with candied fruits and kirsch. In my opinion, it's the perfect cake for Chrismas. Cook it 24 hours before eating it because all the flavors need to spread out in the cake.

If you have cooked the Ambassador, you have in your refrigerator five whites of eggs and I propose you to use them to make some stars with cinnamon. They are perfect for holidays and Chrismas.

The Kugelhopf is perfect for the breakfast of the 25th of december. It's really delicious with a Chrismas jam. Try it.

The financiers

The financiers translate litteraly means the businessmen.

First, the financiers are just delightful. They are irresistible and their small taste of butter is overpowering.

Second, the financier's pastry is a basic preparation you have to know absolutely because we will use it to make more complex cakes and also to make tarts ! Therefore if you want to follow me, you should learn to make this pastry.

Also, this recipe is ideal to use whites of eggs.

The financiers were created by the confectioner Lasne in 1890. He had his shop in front of the stock exchange. He created these cakes with the shape of golden ingots for his customers, the businessmen. In fact, he only changed the shape of this small cake which was already known since the 17th century (and called visitandines) and which had been invented by the sisters of the convent of Visitandines.
— A little bit of history

If you prefer a shortest video, I provide one HERE because I want you to have the choice. But, I recomend you if you are a novice in cooking pastries to begin always with the longuest version (less than 15 minutes !). So, you can listen to my tips if you cook the recipe for the first time. For the next times, when you’ll already know the recipe, the long version will certainly become less useful.

Cake with "potimarron" and hazelnuts

Fall is the perfect moment ever to cook this cake because the markets overflow with potimarrons. This pumpkin  is perfect because it requires no peeling and its taste is really incomparable. We cook it of thousand ways for the meal but also here as a dessert. It suits well with hazelnuts and the polenta makes it crusty.

You have to know that you can freeze this cake and defreeze it in the microwaves (1 min at 800W) what allows you to always have some glutenfree and milkfree sweets in the freezer for whenever you want.

The Chocahuète - Chocolate and peanut butter

The chocolate is the ennemy of my weight but, you know what, I never run away in front of the ennemy. I'm a strong and brave woman.....

So, I'm not chocoholic, not at all. Simply, I'm not a quiter.

You can prepare this cake one week by advance ! It is really, very practical.

I put online a playlist with three videos for more facilities :

The first and the second videos cannot be dissociated because they correspond to a first step of preparation of this cake. They end by a first step of freezing.

The third video, it is the icing of the cake. And you can make it the day before you want to eat the cake or the morning of the day you want to eat it. It is the final step. 

Needless to say, the recipe is glutenfree and milkfree !

Well, you will find the shopping list just below and if you're interesting, step right in my kitchen via youtube.

I must say to you that even if this cake seems complicated, it isn't. Actually, it is rather easy to make it. The problem is that it needs time ! But, trust me, this cake deserves it.

Tatin tart with quinces

The season of quinces do not last a long time. We have to take advantage of it.


Personally, I love the smell and the taste of these fruits which really sign the autumnal season. The Tatin tart with quinces is one of our favorite desserts. In general, it lasts no leftovers, even not a crumb.

Originaly, the Tatin tart is cooked with apples. This reversed tart with caramelized apples was created during the 19th century by the sisters Tatin, Stéphanie and Caroline. It was by random that this delicious dessert was made up when one of the sister forgot her apples tart in the oven and had the idea to reverse it. It was a lucky yummy mistake !
— Story of the Tatin tart


Of course, my recipe is 100 % glutenfree , 100 % milkfree but 99, xx % lactosefree.

I explain : this recipe contains Ghee. If you can eat butter which contains only 0,06 % of lactose according to my knowledge, use it instead of Ghee. Number of intolerant with lactose can bear butter very well. For my part, I prefer making my ghee because I bear it really much better than butter. What is Ghee ? Ghee is butter clarified and carefully filtered to eliminate the maximum of casein and of lactose. Purpose is to keep only the fatty substance, the lipid of butter. So when you transform butter in Ghee, at the end, there is almost no more lactose.

In case of allergy really important absolutely not allowing you to use butter or Ghee, make the caramel with a little bit of peanut oil. 

If this recipe attracts you, if you want to fill your kitchen with perfumes of cooked quinces and caramel, Come one Baby. Let' s go! 

Cake with chards (the green part)

Today, I offer you the recipe of a cake cooked with the green part of chards.

This recipe is without gluten nor milk and allow you to use all parts of your chards. It’s really a delicious manner to eat these leaves.

The success of this cake comes mostly from the taste of apples. So it’s really important to choose an apple variety which keeps well its taste after being cooked
— The key of success

In spite of the fact that we are at the end of September, there are still chards in the garden. That is why I go ahead to classify this dessert in Sweet fall. But most of the time, I make this cake in spring during the full season of chards. Remember it, it’s also a good cake for spring when the harvest of chards is really more huge. 

This cake is really something to discover.  I think, it is delightful. It’s better to eat it warm and the day you cook it.

If you are interesting in cooking this cake watch the video just below.


Madeleines with vanilla



The madeleine is very famous in France. Everybody know it. It's a part of our culinary heritage. It's also a part of our history.

Madeleine was the firstname of a young maidservant who created this small cake for the duke Stanislas Leszczynski at the end of the 18th century (around 1755). The duke Stanislas Leszczynski was Poland’s king, duke of Lorraine (France area) and father of Marie Leszczynska, queen of France and french king’s (Louis XV) wife.
— Madeleine's legend

Actually, This story beside is perhaps a legend, perhaps true, it is really difficult to know the madeleine's real origine. Nevertheless, this story is transmitted in every family and I have always heard about it.

The madeleine, it is sure, is at least the queen of snacks and breakfasts. Needless to say that my recipe is glutenfree and milkfree.

If you're interested in cooking this very old and famous little cake, let's move on together with this recipe on COOK WITH ME, just below.